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Cultural Dance Group of Patras

The “Cultural Dance Group of Patras” was founded in 2009 by a group of young people, willing to spread the cultural-folklore heritage and teaching the traditional dances of Greece.
The “Cultural Dance Group of Patras” has over 1000 members and 400 dancers. Our dance group has participated in many dance festivals and other cultural manifestations in Patras and other municipalities. We usually represent the traditional dances of Peloponnese, Crete, Thrace as well as the Popular Greek dances.  We have at our disposal the specific traditional costumes of these regions of Greece.
Every year, during the summer period, we organize a very successful and reputed event: a dance performance which hosts other dance groups of Greece and live traditional band performance as well. Over 2000 people have attended our manifestation. This event is already considered to be an institution for the cultural events of our region.
We are not only interested in teaching and representing Greek traditional dances, but also we pass on their messages. We believe that through dance we have the responsibility to shape characters who will be worthy of the huge edifice, which is that of Greek civilization. The values of Greek tradition have become for us a way of thinking, acting and living.
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